This is a simple 2D game released under GPLv3+. It uses the Chipmunk Physics engine, which is also free software. (meaning these respect your freedom.)

Gameplay Screenshot

( ^ a screenshot from a recent version of the game )


You and your opponent are pointy flourescent triangles (alternatively, sleek, speedy space ships, or even magical dolphins, whichever you prefer). You are floating in space and must protect yourself from the small colored orbs on your opponent's team.

To recruit these damaging orbs to your side, crash into the large objects. When the small orbs touch them, they will join your side and damage your opponent. The last floating dolphin wins!!1

Game Controls:

To play the game, first build the game (see below). Then run this:


Pre-build Instructions:

SDL, cairo, git and CMake need to be installed to build and run this game. The following command will install these packages for you in an apt-based packaging system, used by many distros of GNU/Linux: (Pacakge names may be different in newer or older systems.)

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake git libsdl1.2-dev libcairo2-dev

Next, you need to grab the source code, if you haven't downloaded it yet. (The clone only needs to be done once):

git clone

cd spacedolphin

Build Instructions:

To build the game in the spacedolphin directory, run:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

CMake will automatically build and statically link the included Chipmunk Physics library, without needing to install it.

In the future, you can pull the changes to update the source code:

git pull
cd build

Go nuts with it! :)